QuickBase Enterprise Customer Case Studies

QuickBase Enterprise Customer Case Studies:

  1. Google – Google needed a way to manage its extensive Sarbannes Oxley compliance process – to share data between more than 20 auditors and manage the audit. An employee previously worked full-time just managing data in spreadsheets. They created and deployed their solution in 4 weeks and estimate their QuickBase solution saved more than $200,000 and over 2,000 hours of work annually. (Case Study)
  2. Procter & Gamble – A P&G core principle is “Innovation is the cornerstone of our success.” P&G uses over 70 different QuickBase applications to solve needs from capital tracking to capital forecasting, from project management to project portfolio management. QuickBase applications serve over 6000 users, and P&G’s Project Management Organization estimates that communication via QuickBase applications eliminated 24 days of meetings per year. Most applications were implemented in 3-6 weeks with no dedicated resources or database managers. (Case Study)
  3. JetBlue is a new kind of airline and one key to their award-winning service is their information systems. They continually improve systems for reservations, telecommunications, flight operations, check-in kiosks, flight scheduling, flight status notification, in-flight entertainment, and many other functions. JetBlue has over 70 projects underway with dozens more waiting to start.
    Over 80 IT and project managers and business unit executives share information and see project progress through 7 different QuickBase applications that were built and deployed in only 3 months. Adoption was quick and strong. Even smaller groups got the information tools they needed to accomplish their goals allowing JetBlue to continue to provide its award-winning service. Case Study
  4. eBay
  5. American Greetings
  6. XM Satellite Radio
  7. Girl Scouts of America

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