What is Online Database Software, and what are its benefits?

What is Online Database Software?

An online database is a single repository. As individuals interact with online database software, their work is immediately integrated, significantly reducing questions of data accuracy and data inconsistencies.

A Web Database enables larger storage capabilities. A web database doesn’t limit your data or file storage options. A database application is scalable, so you can start small and increase storage as your online database software requirements evolve.

Online Database software is customizable. With online database software, you can easily customize forms, fields, categories and reports—up-front or as you go—to match your specific business processes.

Web-based databases are available anytime, anywhere. An online database program is web-based software, which means they’re easily accessible to your workforce, business partners, and anyone else you allow, wherever and whenever they work.

What are the benefits of Online Database Software?

By using a web-based software application that is powered by online database software, you can increase team productivity and better enable team collaboration.

Online database software is an easy way to take advantage of software as a service (SaaS).

Online database software allows you to store business critical information in web database software, where it’s easily accessible by all team members. This increases team collaboration and improves team efficiency and communication. Intuit’s QuickBase is an online database that combines the power of a web database program with pre-built customizable database applications to meet your most pressing business needs.

Reasons to Move Your Database Online

Today organizations using non web database software to house their data are growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of flexibility, scalability, and security—as well as the administrative headaches and costs—they encounter in supporting database software that is not web based. Increasingly, companies are beginning to use online databases to collect, manage and share data.  

With powerful but easy to use tools, you can begin to move your applications online quickly.  Moving your business data to a web database like QuickBase enables your teams to begin sharing, tracking, and leveraging a database in minutes.  QuickBase provides over 200 templates to get you started quickly.

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